heart attack


 Modup comedian RAJU SHRIVASTAV for admitting and having a heart attack in Delhi. Had to visit regularly changing times for a single charge. Raju Srivastava’s daughter Antara had said in an interview that

heart attack

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The question is whether Raju raju Srivastava. … ️ know

Is work likely to have a heart attack

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And yet there is an increased risk of exposure to irregular exercise.


Control your heartbeat. There is a speed of 72 to 100 times per hour on the clock. The speed could be 220 at a dangerous speed.

Your heartbeat is fast. Select your heartbeat game again.

Dangerous danger after crossing 40 age

Experts say that every person above the age of 40 is a heart patient. Every such person needs himself a heart patient, unless he is engaged in investigation.

heart attack


Unusual stress, lack of sleep and people who have a family history of heart-related ailments should take extra precautions. ️ Doctors

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A fast sprinter is a fast runner in lthe bright sunlight seen on the TV. ,

heart attack

Intoxication is dangerous for the heart

️ DOCS Timely health check up and get involved in the information.

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